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467doubt in perl regular expression

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  • senthil kumar
    Feb 21, 2006
      print "matched";
      print " not matched";
      print "\n";
      what is the output of this code:

      plz explain me
      i m trying to write regular expression for palindrome checking,upper case nd lower case conversion .
      for upper case and lower case upper cases and lower cases in word are chnaged to upper case and lower case respecdtively.
      eg:sENTHIL ..this is going to be expected as Senthil
      another one doubt is how to get ascii value of the numbers and the alphabets..
      $love="senthil kumar";
      print $love;
      print "\n";
      output is
      kumarrr kumar.can we get ouput using tr.we can get using substtuition.
      because senthil has 7 letters in itbut replacing kumar has 5 letters in it. so r is placed three times.
      but i want the word kumar kumar
      plz help me
      take care

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