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450Discussion in SF and East Lansing/Ann Arbor?

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  • Rob Nagler
    Feb 10, 2006
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      Given the overwhelming activity of this group, I thought it might be
      fun to take some of the volatile communication offline, face-to-face.

      I'll be en route from Mountain View to San Francisco on 3/9 towards
      the late afternoon and then on 3/10 hopping across the Bay Bridge over
      the hills the next morning. Email me privately if you would like to
      have an Extreme Perl discussion group for an hour or so.

      I have a conference in East Lansing on 3/18. I was thinking of
      showing up a day earlier to visit friends in Ann Arbor. If there's
      interest, I could set up a discussion group on the afternoon or early
      morning of 3/17. Again, email me privately if you'd be interested.

      OK, back to the heated discussion.