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  • krassimir berov
    Oct 30, 2005
      Hi boys, Hi Rob!
      I subscribed to this list because I hope to learn
      something from all of you just by discussing whatever
      is discussed here.

      Recently (somwhere in March this year), I had my first
      big enough project. I made a little of the
      CRM(Customer Relationship Management) web-based System
      for a big enough company. This was the first time when
      I saw how the work on a project must be done.
      I was impressed and I have to addmit that it was hard
      for me. I have never worked this way before.

      Several days ago (I do not remember how exactly) from
      link to link I found my self on http://www.bivio.biz/
      and then on http://www.extremeperl.org/
      I thought to my self "This is what I am searching for
      since 2000"
      May be now is the time when I am able to realize it,
      but this is true.
      I just wanted somebody to teach me how to program.

      So thank You, Rob!

      PS. By the way I started translating the book to
      Bulgarian. I can not promise anything, because I do
      this in my spare time, but the Preface is almost
      I hope to see some day this book published in
      It certainly can be used as a manual.

      Ps:In CaseYou can not Read my Messages,
      they are usualy sent in
      Encodings such as
      Cyrillic (Windows) or UTF-8

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