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41Re: [OT] cperl-mode

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  • Ilya Martynov
    Jul 29, 2002
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      >>>>> On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:56:02 -0400, Drew Taylor <drew@...> said:

      DT> Cool! I didn't know this trick. Hmmm, now I have one more reason I
      DT> can give my coworker to use emacs instead of vi. ;-) Thanks Ilya!
      DT> Since you seem to be the author of the cperl-mode bindings, where
      DT> can I find docs on this wonderful mode's feature set?

      Well, I'm not it's author. From cperl.el:

      ;; Author: Ilya Zakharevich and Bob Olson
      ;; Maintainer: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@...-state.edu>

      As for your question: look under menu Perl/Micro Docs when in buffer
      in cperl-mode. They are not complete but still you may find
      interesting things there.

      Also you can discover many intersing features just by going into
      customize section:

      M-x customize-group [ENTER] cperl [ENTER].

      Ilya Martynov (http://martynov.org/)
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