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360Re: [extremeperl] Better Development Tools for Perl

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  • Rob Kinyon
    Jun 16, 2005
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      On 6/11/05, J Matisse Enzer <matisse@...> wrote:
      > Despite the lack of 100% applicability I see a great deal of value in a
      > tool that automates the dozen or more most common refactorings 90% of
      > the time, and offers you a preview and accept/reject of any changes.

      So, what happens the first time someone tries to use the tool and it
      completely screws up their code because they fall into that 10%? There
      is a place for 90% effectiveness and there's a place that requires
      100% effectiveness. Any function of an application that will be used
      on a regular basis or that is advertised as a major reason to use the
      application needs to work more than 90% of the time. Preferably, it
      works 99.9% of time, or better. Otherwise, you lose mindshare, and
      then what's the point?

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