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354Emacs enhancements for CPerl mode and complex systems

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  • Rob Nagler
    Jun 12, 2005
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      I just replaced the file b-perl.el with bivio-emacs-20050612.tgz in
      the files area: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/extremeperl/files (Why
      can't you just send a simple link to a file in the yahoo files area?)
      For those of you who hate bOP's "self-containedness" (can you say:
      integratedness? ;-), you'll hate this even more. However, it's what
      we use for commercial software development including refactoring.
      b-perl.el was recently upgraded to support cperl 5.0, which comes
      standard with Tiger.

      One binding in the above I should mention that greatly helps all of
      our work (not just Perl):

      (define-key global-map "\M-'" 'dabbrev-expand)

      dabbrev-expand is simple and useful. It searches all your buffers in
      a "reasonable" order to find completions for terms (be it Perl class
      names or lisp functions or long words like integratedness). It runs
      lightning fast, and means I don't have to remember how to spell long
      names in any environment -- including this email, which is being
      composed within Emacs' mail-mode. :-)

      One of the things I like so much about XP is that not only do I get to
      refactor my code, but I get to refactor my tests, Emacs, and XP
      itself! For example, the story-card.pdf I put on in the files area on
      1/30/02 has now been refactored to an 5x8" quadruled index card. I
      love throwing out code and complexity!

      As to complex systems, there are lots of them in Perl. I can only
      speak for our little group of four (five as of tomorrow!) programmers.
      We maintain the following complex Perl apps with weekly releases, good
      ol' emacs, developing on PowerBooks (minus one, who still likes
      Linux), and deploying on Linux and Solaris:

      http://www.bivio.com -- including handling all customer support
      http://www.colosla.org -- partial customer support
      http://petshop.bivio.biz -- all customer support ;-)

      We have other apps and projects, but these are the ones which are pure
      Perl and web-based.

      We only work 40 hours a week. We have no support staff or managers
      (besides me, the evil slave driver ;-). We also contribute to our
      community through pro bono work.

      It's arguable that Perl or emacs is necessary for us to sustain our
      business. I believe agile development and open book management are
      much more important. Perl and emacs are sufficient and a competitive
      advantage, however, and that's proven by the fact we continue to grow
      and prosper.

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