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339Re: [extremeperl] Better Development Tools for Perl

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  • J Matisse Enzer
    Jun 9, 2005
      On Jun 9, 2005, at 12:43 PM, Rob Kinyon wrote:
      > Because the idea that someone with minimal experience should be
      > building a complicated thing (road, bridge, etc) is ridiculous on its
      > face.

      Do you see no middle ground between "minimal experience" and "wizard"?
      That sounds awfully black & white.

      >> Are you equating "senior developer" with wizard?
      > Yes.
      > Any senior
      > developer, in any language, will write wizard code.

      So again, there are only wizards and novices, nothing else?

      >> In fact, several IDE's have sprung up: Komodo and Eclipse/EPIC are
      >> probably the most sophisticated but they are by no means the only
      >> ones.
      > All of those began life as IDEs for other, static languages. There is,
      > to my knowledge, no IDE that was developed for a dynamic language that
      > has Perl bindings.

      When you say "all of these" what are you referring to? EPIC was
      certainly written for Perl, and Komodo was written for Perl and Python
      from the start. Here's the 2001 press release:

      (current software is at http://www.ActiveState.com/Komodo)

      Here are a couple of others I know less about:

      I am not saying these tools are good enough (or even good), I am saying
      I want better ones. I hear you saying "Why? We don't need better tools"

      > I have heard doom'n'gloom about Perl's marketshare, mindshare, and
      > similar -shares for years. Yet, the development community seems to be
      > just as vibrant as ever.

      I hope you are right - if you are right then Perl will not lose market
      share to Java, and Python, and C#, etc, which is great. I will be very
      happy if Perl has as much market share in 2 years as it has now.

      Rob, you have certainly convinced me that you yourself do not need nor
      want better tools, that you can do a better job with what you have now
      than anything I've described. If you feel you have anything further to
      contribute to myself or those who do want better tools I do want to
      hear about it, but I will understand if you don't.


      Matisse Enzer <matisse@...>
      http://www.matisse.net/ - http://www.eigenstate.net/
      415-225-6703 (work/cellphone)
      415-401-8325 (home)
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