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32Filled-in Story Cards

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  • Rob Nagler
    Jun 10, 2002
      Chris et al,

      Sorry for the delay...

      I uploaded some story cards. They are from the book. My real story
      cards are a mess. The payments-planning-game card is available in its
      original form at: http://www.bivio.biz/hm/csci3308-xp-intro/planning-game
      You can also see the implementation online, which is fun.

      One of my current clients said it would be okay to show a couple of
      story cards, once the site is launched (RSN :-). I'll try to remember
      to upload them here, too.

      There's also a new version of our story card template. It has some
      minor changes.

      In case you're bored, I've been ranting on rpm-list@... and
      modperl@... about Perl for little languages. We use the Perl
      interpreter for all of our little languages.

      The latest version of bOP (1.15) finally has a working acceptance test
      language class. We're working on examples now. It's based on our
      original test suite for bivio.com, but the parser has been greatly
      simplified. The goal is to have a complete test suite for the PetShop
      by the end of the summer. We'll see how far the students get. :-)

      We'll be adding our unit tests to bOP soon. It's a packaging issue,
      because we have to split out bOP tests from other projects.

      bOP 1.15 also has our e-commerce classes. It only works with
      authorize.net for now, but it's not a big to indirect the credit
      processor action. The EC classes allow you to input checks and no
      payments. It's not integrated with the bOP PetShop, unfortunately.