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304Re: [extremeperl] Better Development Tools for Perl

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  • J Matisse Enzer
    Jun 6 2:20 PM
      On Jun 6, 2005, at 1:23 PM, chromatic wrote:
      >> - Built-in dynamic syntax checking
      > I'm not sure what this means.

      I mean that when you make a syntax error (something that won't compile)
      you are immediately shown that there is an error. "Dynamic" in this
      case means it happens constantly without user intervention.

      >> * Code-assist (pull-down menu of choices dynamically appears)
      > I'm not sure what this means either.

      At a minimum I mean some form of auto-completion, although this feature
      can mean much more. The minimal version (which EPIC offers) is just
      auto-completion for variables - type @ and you get a list of the
      possible arrays and can choose one. In other languages this feature
      gets much more sophisticated, offering to correct method and variable
      names, to add or remove code based from a list of possible completions.

      > When you say "built-in", are you looking for a single package or plugin
      > that adds support for all of these features?

      Yes - where most or all are already there, and where it is easy to add
      the ones that aren't. The point you made about vim needing only a
      single line in the rc file to add CVS support is news to me - what's
      the line? I'll add it right now!

      > I'm afraid I still have a vague sense of what you really want and, in
      > general, a mixed reaction to the features that I don't already have in
      > vim.

      The simplistic way to say it is I want to a tool that does for Perl
      everything that Eclipse, or IntelliJ, etc. do for Java. Have you
      watched someone do extreme programming in java using say Eclipse or an
      equivalent? Someone who was at an equal skill level in java to what you
      are in perl?

      Based on Perrin's comments earlier I think it is true that ease-of-use
      is a big factor here also, for example, if it turns out that to add CVS
      support to vim I need to not only add a single line to .vimrc but also
      install more software, and also I have to remember that the software is
      there (since it's not a GUI with menu choices visible) and that files
      that need updating don't have any visual cue when displayed in the
      interface, well the feature is significantly less powerful.

      I realize that I am starting to sound like a fanatic from the planet
      eXtreme Eclipse, which isn't actually the case. I appreciate people's
      discussing this and I really am trying to learn how to better
      communicate what i have in mind: there really is this *huge* gap
      between tools/features that are easy and practical for Perl vs. other
      newer languages.

      Matisse Enzer <matisse@...>
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