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300Re: [extremeperl] Better Development Tools for Perl

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  • J Matisse Enzer
    Jun 6, 2005
      On Jun 6, 2005, at 12:41 PM, Chris Winters wrote:

      > * J Matisse Enzer (matisse@...) [050606 13:13]:
      >> ...
      >> Chris - I urge you to try Eclipse/EPIC,

      (Eclipse is)
      > not
      > something you can just start coding a probject in, you need to grok
      > how it sees the world (Views, Perspectives, etc.) before doing
      > anything.

      There is some truth to that - it took me probably 4 or 5 hours spread
      over two or three days to where I felt comfortable, had a menu item for
      running my unit tests, knew about to checkout a project from CVS, etc.
      I agree that it would be great if that took, say, 20 minutes.

      To be fair, I doubt that Xemacs takes much less time to learn, but I do
      agree that Much Much Easier is better.


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