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281RE: [extremeperl] Better Development Tools for Perl

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  • Siegfried Heintze
    Jun 5, 2005
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      I looked at Test::Databaserow and it does not appear to be nearly as
      sophisticated as Java's DBUnit. I did a search for Test and Database and
      came up with Test::TempDatabase and that looks like it will help but it
      still does not look as capable as java's DBUnit.

      I was going to try calling Java's DBUnit from my perl code. What are other
      folks doing about this problem? Are you using Perl modules or calling Java
      from Perl for testing database related functionality?

      Also, I love the green bar I get with GUI display's that are supplied by
      Eclipse and JUnit's GUI. Is there any similar GUI display for Perl



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      matisse wrote:
      > In my opinion the development tools for Perl are *years* behind those
      > available for other languages and the gap is now a serious problem.

      I don't agree. I have several great text editors with debugger support
      for Perl, so your argument boils down to a lack of testing and
      refactoring support.

      In my last job in a Java shop, no one wrote any unit tests at all.
      Ever. On my last two Perl jobs, there was extensive use of unit testing.

      The common tool is Test::More, along with useful additions like
      Test::DatabaseRow and Test::WWW::Mechanize. Test::More is considerably
      easier to use than JUnit. If you use something like Module::Starter to
      stub your modules (or Catalyst for WWW projects), it generates basic
      test stubs for you too.

      The refactoring stuff is a more reasonable complaint, but are we all
      going to curl up and die because we don't have a menu item for changing
      a method name? Again, the Java people I've worked with tend not to know
      or use this stuff, despite working on Eclipse variants (IBM's WebSphere

      In short, I think you're focused on the wrong things. The real danger
      to Perl's future is the way the culture tends to encourage crazy hacks
      like shoving methods into other module's symbol tables and AUTOLOAD
      abuse. I would focus on getting people to make clean, readable code a
      priority rather than spending lots of time automating refactoring.

      - Perrin


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