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277Re: 'maps' and 'delegates' in IO::ClassLoader.pm ??

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  • ingo_1972
    May 24, 2005

      thank you for your answer.
      My problem is that I have a script which uses Bivio.
      This is working fine.
      My task is that I have to move it to a different system.

      On the new machine the script always dies here:
      Bivio::IO::Alert->bootstrap_die('maps must be a hash_ref')
      unless ref($cfg->{maps}) eq 'HASH';

      Is there something needed to get it up and running ?


      --- In extremeperl@yahoogroups.com, "robnagler" <nagler@b...> wrote:
      > --- In extremeperl@yahoogroups.com, "ingo_1972" <ingox@g...> wrote:
      > > What are maps and delegates doing here?
      > > $cfg is a empty HASH. But where is maps coming from ?
      > These are configuration parameters. Bivio::IO::ClassLoader offers
      > three services: simple imports, mapped imports, and delegated
      > imports. The header documentation explains the three ways you can
      > import:
      > C<Bivio::IO::ClassLoader> implements dynamic class loading.
      > L<simple_require|"simple_require"> implements a dynamic C<use> clause.
      > L<map_require|"map_require"> is an indirect load via mapped name.
      > The classes
      > loaded have names of the form I<Map>.I<Class>. The I<map> is a
      > simple perl
      > identifier which identifies a class path or handler class which
      does the
      > loading. map_require calls simple_require if the I<map_class> is a
      > simple class.
      > L<delegate_require|"delegate_require"> is called by classes which
      > delegate
      > (part of) their implementations. A I<delegate> may provide I<info>,
      > a data
      > structure which defines the internals of, say, a
      > L<Bivio::Type::Enum|Bivio::Type::Enum>. A delegate may also
      > implement the class.
      > B<NOTE: You can only load classes which are of type
      > L<Bivio::UNIVERSAL|Bivio::UNIVERSAL> with this module.>
      > This last point is important. If you just need a simple class loader,
      > you probably don't want Bivio::IO::ClassLoader. Use something
      > simpler, e.g.
      > eval 'use My::Class;1' || die($@);
      > There are probably CPAN packages which do that much.
      > ClassLoader is mostly used by bOP to manage multiple applications
      > which may override standard classes (such as ECService or
      > UserCreateForm). ClassLoader is also used defer loading classes until
      > they are needed. The latter case is a performance optimization for
      > command line utilities.
      > Rob
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