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264ANNOUNCE: New version of Perl port of Fit.

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  • Tony Byrne
    Apr 28 1:52 AM
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      I'm pleased to announce my first release of Test::C2FIT for Perl.

      It's available now from CPAN:


      and from the 'files' section of the extremeprogramming yahoo group.

      I've been working on modernizing Dave W. Smith's original Perl port of
      the FIT testing framework. Test::C2FIT is a direct port of the Java
      version to Perl. It's based on the port that is available from
      http://fit.c2.com/files/PerlDownloads/, and is not to be confused with
      Test::FIT which is an early and incomplete port available from CPAN.

      This version implements changes to the core and new test fixtures required
      for the port to pass FAT, the current FIT specification. The biggest
      changes are to be found in Parse.pm and Fixture.pm.

      I've also taken the opportunity to change the directory layout to make the
      distribution CPAN and MakeMaker friendly. This should make
      installation a doddle for Perl users.

      In spite of these changes the port is still mostly Dave W. Smith's
      code. My changes are minor compared to his original hard work in
      making FIT a reality for Perl.

      Feel free to play with the new version, I'd love to hear your



      Tony Byrne
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