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261PerlActor: An executable acceptance test framework for Perl.

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  • Tony Byrne
    Apr 10, 2005
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      I've just published my first open source effort. It's called
      PerlActor and it's a simple framework to enable XP Customers to write
      their own executable acceptance (customer) tests for Perl code. It
      started life as a toy project to practice TDD, but it may turnout
      to be useful to others.

      PerlActor's syntax is very simple. It has a passing resemblance to FIT
      (though nowhere near as well developed as FIT), but using plain-text
      script files instead of HTML tables to specify tests. It's pretty basic
      at the moment, but I'm planning to develop it further over the next few

      I have nowhere to host the project online, but the initial
      distribution is available from CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive
      Network) at:
      and from various CPAN mirrors.

      I hope some of you will find it useful. I'd love to hear your feedback.

      PerlActor is inspired by 'exactor', an open source framework for Java
      developed by eXoftware. See http://exactor.sourceforge.net/



      Tony Byrne
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