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254Re: [extremeperl] Book: Higher Order Perl

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  • Tom Vilot
    Apr 8, 2005
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      Greg C wrote:

      > Consider: projects A and B have identical goals. In project A, you
      > have free
      > rein in your choice of software and hardware tools. However, the
      > manager sets
      > arbitrary deadlines, likes to stand behind people and criticize their
      > code as
      > they type,

      Wait. That sounds like Rob ....
      ;c) (kidding)

      > On project B, the choice of langauge and hardware are made for you and
      > there's
      > only one computer per two programmers. On the other hand, the manager
      > sees his
      > people as people, negotiates requirements and schedules on a realistic
      > basis,
      > trusts his people, follows a set of best practices (be it XP or some
      > other) and
      > chases everyone out of the office at 5:30.

      Wait. That *also* sounds like Rob ...


      (not kidding!)
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