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250Re: Terrence the Hypocrite

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  • Karl Scotland
    Apr 8, 2005
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      --- In extremeperl@yahoogroups.com, Terrence Brannon <bauhaus@m...>
      > Adrian Howard <adrianh@q...> writes:
      > > Not to mention those of us who now consider testing as a design
      > > practice which you need to do before you write code. Relevant no
      > > what language you're using.
      > Well, you can black-box test before you write code. But whitebox
      > testing, which is based on knowing the internals of the code has to
      > wait until the code is written.


      How do you know what code to write? How do you know what its
      supposed to do? If you know that, you can write a test for it. By
      writing your tests, you are thinking about the interfaces, and
      responsibilties. Thus you are doing design.

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