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248Re: [extremeperl] Book: Higher Order Perl

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  • Rob Kinyon
    Apr 7, 2005
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      > One project I worked on combined Perl, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XUL, and
      > C. Programmers use a multitude of languages all the time and they use
      > languages that are better suited to what they need to do.
      > Theoretically, that project could have provided a command line
      > interface and flat-files and been our holy grail of Pure Perl. It
      > would have sucked, too.

      The average project I work on is in Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, some variant of
      shell scripting, HTML/CSS, XML, and Javascript. That doesn't count the
      multitude of mini-languages we use everyday, like the various
      configuration languages. (httpd.conf, anyone?) The languages section
      alone of my resume is two lines of indeciperable acronyms, and I'm
      nothing special. (I don't know Haskell, LISP, Prolog, XUL, XPath, or a
      bazillion other things every other PerlMonk above 10k XP seems to be
      fluent in.)

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