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237Re: [extremeperl] Terrence the Hypocrite

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  • Adrian Howard
    Apr 7, 2005
      On 4 Apr 2005, at 02:07, Rob Kinyon wrote:

      >> Hypocrisy Two:
      >> -------------
      >> After claiming that testing was irrelevant in Haskell, I am now at
      >> Section 4.5 in the best Haskell instructional text I have seen,
      >> "Craft
      >> of Functional Programming" by Thompson, and what is this chapter
      >> called: "Program Testing". So, there we go. Two feet in my mouth in
      >> less than 2 days.
      > I believe Knuth said it best when he wrote "Beware of bugs in the
      > above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it." Functional
      > programming allows for proofs. It doesn't mean that you didn't typo
      > anything.

      Not to mention those of us who now consider testing as a design
      practice which you need to do before you write code. Relevant no matter
      what language you're using.

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