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230Re: Turing Complete, was Re: [extremeperl] Logic Programming in Perl -- Just say no

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  • Rob Kinyon
    Apr 5, 2005
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      > Not interested. I haven't found a problem that I needed Haskell to
      > solve. When I do, I'll sign up.

      I don't know if this is going to become a habit, but I'm with Rob on
      this one. Not because I think Haskell is useless or that FP is
      useless. (My posts on Perlmonks should be proof enough of that!) And,
      I'm also not saying that Perl is the be-all-end-all of programming
      languages ... Paul Graham's Blub, so to speak.

      What I am saying is that I have solved with Perl all the problems I
      have run into since learning Perl. This isn't to say I couldn't have
      used Haskell (or something else) nor am I saying that Haskell wouldn't
      have been a better choice. I'm saying Perl has been an adequate

      Now, I'm not a Perl-only bigot. I'm happily delving into Javascript
      (which is more FP than Perl). I just don't have the tuits to learn a
      language that I can't give excuses for right now to my wife.
      Javascript lets me play with Ajax. P6 ... I'd love to get on that
      train, but I can't get side-contracts with it ... yet.

      I'm also considering a way to make coderefs a first-class datatype in
      Perl the way they are in Haskell or Lisp. But, I need to think some
      more, first.

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