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23Re: [extremeperl] Re: Testing, Audience, etc.

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  • Drew Taylor
    Feb 6, 2002
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      Could you explain a little more about the two types of tests you mention
      below? Specifically the acceptance tests, and how they would relate to web
      apps. I'm trying to become more of an "architect", so a lot of the "domain
      knowledge" stuff you & other texts mention is still a little fuzzy to me. I
      read some of the docs on bivio, and it sounded very interesting.
      Unfortunately more of it than I wanted was over my head. I'm very intrigued
      about the platform you released and how to learn more about it in the
      future - it would be a great learning tool for me.

      It sounds like the tests I wrote last night would be unit tests as they
      test object instantiation & the APIs.


      At 03:35 PM 2/6/2002 -0700, Rob Nagler wrote:

      >I like to distinguish between acceptance and unit tests. For unit
      >tests, I would add:
      >- to validate the API
      >- to enable refactoring
      >- to keep the cost of change constant
      >A unit test suite is like a semantic compiler. In dynamic languages,
      >like Perl, there needs to be something to validate the code.
      >For acceptance tests, I would add:
      >- to encode concisely the domain knowledge of the customer
      >- to help the development team understand the problem

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