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229Re: Turing Complete, was Re: [extremeperl] Logic Programming in Perl -- Just say no

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  • Shae Matijs Erisson
    Apr 5, 2005
      Rob Nagler <nagler@...> writes:

      >> But, I would be happy for you to prove me wrong. Why not show
      >> up on the #perl6 channel and work on Pugs? Then you can use both Perl and
      >> Haskell at the same time!
      > Not interested. I haven't found a problem that I needed Haskell to
      > solve. When I do, I'll sign up.

      Right, ok then. I'm wasting my time and yours.
      Programming is the Magic Executable Fridge Poetry, | www.ScannedInAvian.com
      It is machines made of thought, fueled by ideas. | -- Shae Matijs Erisson
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