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218Re: I almost had a heart attack: you call that refactoring???

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  • Jim Keenan
    Apr 2, 2005
      --- In extremeperl@yahoogroups.com, Chris Winters <chris@c...> wrote:
      > Sounds like a call to delurk. I agree with Rob and Rob but more for
      > reason that having an immutable rule like "the second time you
      > encounter functionality you MUST put it in one place" doesn't work
      > well as ....

      But if you double-check my original posting to this thread, you will
      see that I did not call for "an immutable rule." I described instead
      "[m]y own personal rule of thumb".

      From the American Heritage Dictionary via dictionary.com: "Rule of
      thumb": "A useful principle having wide application but not intended
      to be strictly accurate or reliable in every situation."

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