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214Re: I almost had a heart attack: you call that refactoring???

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  • Tom Vilot
    Apr 2, 2005
      > Against: 2 (Jim, Terrence)
      > For: 4 (Rob, Rob, Chris, Johan)

      five, actually. Count me in the 'for' list.

      By way of introduction, I'm an artist and software geek. I have worked
      with/for Rob on a number of occasions in the past. And I still use bOP
      for my own projects, even though sometimes I do find myself going "uh
      .... wtf?"


      Mostly that's just the proces of shifting from my 'old' imperative
      programming style into understanding the bOP style.

      As for this particular topic ... I *know* the second I copy and paste
      a section of code somewhere that I'm doing 'the wrong thing.' And I'm
      okay with that. Because I'm in the process of answering one question
      (will x work) before I answer the question 'what do these to blocks of
      code really have in common and shouldn't they be abstracted out to be
      a more general solution?'

      I answer that second question only after I understand the problem and
      have realized the necessity for making that code more general.

      Heck, look at the HOP book. This is almost exactly what he does in his
      examples. "X works, and so now we can do Y. Y works, so let's
      generalize the solution and make it more flexible."
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