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212Re: [extremeperl] Re: I almost had a heart attack: you call that refactoring???

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  • Johan Lindstr�
    Apr 2, 2005
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      At 15:08 2005-04-02, Chris Winters wrote:
      >Sounds like a call to delurk. I agree with Rob and Rob but more for the
      >reason that having an immutable rule like "the second time you
      >encounter functionality you MUST put it in one place" doesn't work as
      >well as experience telling you when it is and isn't appropriate to do
      >so, particularly when moving code results in less readable code or
      >forced argument lists just to make it common.

      The whole reason we have rules is so you _think_ before you break them.
      -Terry Pratchett

      Personally, I find that it's sometimes useful to defer refactoring until I
      have copied-and-modified the code twice. That way I have a better overall
      view of all the requirements of all thre different methods. But this is
      nearly always within the same one- or two hour period when I feel there
      will be more copying going on further down the line.

      I rarely leave things for the next day.

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