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206Re: [extremeperl] Logic Programming in Perl -- Just say no

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  • Curtis Poe
    Apr 1, 2005
      On Mar 31, 2005, at 10:28 PM, Rob Nagler wrote:

      > >   No one's building theorem proving systems in Perl, to the best of
      > my
      > > knowledge.
      > http://www.symbolicdata.org/
      > Google is your friend:
      > http://www.google.com/search?q=%22theorem+proving%22+perl

      Google better, please. They're building a system in Perl to manage
      data and benchmarks for symbolic computations, including theorem
      proving. They are not doing theorem proving in Perl. I also found it
      interesting to note that several first page links for that query listed
      Prolog directly in the summary, despite you not searching for this
      term. Further, clicking on some of the links that don't list Prolog in
      the summary shows that Prolog is frequently used in this field, but
      Perl is traditionally used for collecting and summarizing the data.
      Fascinating how computer scientists are using different programming
      languages for their relative strengths rather than try to shoehorn
      everything into one language, eh?

      You're making an extraordinary claim and I'm asking what experience you
      have to back it up. You say that a person can achieve "X" by doing "Y"
      and that doing "Z" really isn't necessary. You haven't done Z, so you
      have no *personal* basis with which to compare. Many people (including
      myself) on this list who have done both Y and Z have direct personal
      experience and they disagree with you.


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