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192Re: [extremeperl] People or Languages?

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  • Terrence Brannon
    Mar 31, 2005
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      Rob Nagler <nagler@...> writes:

      > If you want to be a better programmer, don't learn a new language,
      > rather learn how someone else solved a complicated problem in a small
      > amount of code in a language you already know.

      Within Perl, I can list 3 books that refilled my well:

      1/ Effective Perl Programming. This was the book that really opened my
      eyes to what could and should be done with Perl. Here I learned to use
      one metaphor instead of 5 lines of code.

      2/ Object-Oriented Perl. This, along with Damian's modules were quite

      3/ It sounds like Higher-Order Perl might be the 3rd book to knock my
      socks off. But I have strong faith that spending my free time learning
      Haskell is the most productive thing I could be doing right now.

      Honorable mention goes to Data Munging with Perl. He took the topic
      that is Perl's sweet spot and managed to articulate in words, sections
      and chapters what Perl covers in giant steps in domain after domain.

      And finally, observing the new submissions to CPAN on a daily basis
      really helps you see what problems people have and how they solve
      them. I really wish Rose::DB had come out a few years back and I am
      doing my best to master DBIx::SQLEngine having enjoyed and been
      enthralled by the object wizardry of Class::DBI.

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      > Rob
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