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162Re: [extremeperl] Book: Higher Order Perl

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  • Rob Nagler
    Mar 29, 2005
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      Terrence Brannon writes:
      > In a strongly typed functional language, reasoning by proof gives you
      > 100% _certainty_ that a certain function works for all input. There is
      > no need to test.

      There is always a need to test. This is why program verification has
      gotten nowhere. The fundamental problem is that you can't verify the
      spec, which, btw, is why you don't write specs in XP (and other agile

      > Here are the Perl cookbook examples done in 10 other languages
      > including Haskell:
      > http://pleac.sourceforge.net/

      This doesn't answer my question. I am speaking in terms of real
      programs written for real customers who paid real money. That's all I
      do. I don't write code for fun nor do I write trivial programs to
      test my knowledge of programming. My goal is to spend every
      programming minute making money or saving time, because money and time
      are the only concrete measures of programming efficacy that I know

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