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135Re: [extremeperl] the LectroTest framework for Perl

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  • Ed Grimm
    Feb 20, 2005
      On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 bauhaus@... wrote:

      > QUOTE:
      > Unit testing is like finding needles in a haystack. The haystack is
      > your code's behavior. The needles are erroneous behavior.
      > Traditional unit testing practices require us to point out to the
      > computer each and every piece of hay in the haystack that we want to
      > check for errors. Hey, computer, check that piece of hay, please. Now
      > this one. Now this one, too. And over here, thank you. And, yes, that
      > one, too... That's a tedious process that grows old fast.
      > LectroTesting is different. Rather than pointing out the individual
      > pieces of hay, we merely point out the shape of the haystack. We also
      > tell the computer what a needle looks like, in general, so it will
      > know if it sees one along the way.
      > The computer takes care of the rest. It hunts through the haystack
      > until it finds a needle or we tell it to stop. If it finds a needle,
      > it outputs a counterexample t wrong, and we can add it to a list of
      > regression tests for future testing.
      > That's the idea, in a nutshell. A much better explanation can be found
      > in the slides for my talk on LectroTest.
      > SOURCE: http://community.moertel.com/ss/space/LectroTest

      I'd prefer something like the described Haskell module, which apparently
      creates unit tests. That is, I'd like the module to build a test file,
      which does not depend upon the LectroTest module being installed on the
      end user's machine. Yes, I know I could include the module in my
      packages. But running a machine with five different perl installs, due
      to vendors feeling the same way about perl in general demonstrates the
      problem of this thought process.

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