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132Re: [extremeperl] refactoring databases

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  • Rob Nagler
    Feb 19, 2005
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      Adrian Howard writes:
      > Just to clarify - I was talking about a /client/ DBA who tweaked the
      > schema of software that we shipped to them - not the DBA of the
      > development team.

      Yikes. Remember there's a clear separation of concerns between the
      customer and the programmer. Be sure to yell at your customer. ;-)

      > Yes this was (from one point of view) the clients "fault" - but if
      > you're going to ship them automated scripts to update there database
      > having an automated double-check that you're really updating the right
      > schema is a nice thing.

      Yup. I wonder though if you don't also have to protect the data?
      Usually apps trust the data that comes from the database. In your
      case, that wouldn't be the case. Do you have extra validation to make
      sure the data hasn't been tampered with?

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