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131Re: [extremeperl] refactoring databases

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  • Adrian Howard
    Feb 19, 2005
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      On 19 Feb 2005, at 00:50, Matthew Albright wrote:
      > --- Rob Nagler <nagler@...> wrote:
      >> This is why it is extremely important for developers to be dbas and
      >> sysadmins, too.
      > I couldn't agree more with this.


      > When whoever it was started talking about
      > DBA's changing the database structure, my eyes glazed over, because
      > I've never
      > been in an organization that had a DBA.

      Just to clarify - I was talking about a /client/ DBA who tweaked the
      schema of software that we shipped to them - not the DBA of the
      development team.

      Not that we had anybody with that title.

      (although we did have an Oracle goddess who got paired with a heck of a
      lot when it came to the DB code :-)

      Yes this was (from one point of view) the clients "fault" - but if
      you're going to ship them automated scripts to update there database
      having an automated double-check that you're really updating the right
      schema is a nice thing.

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