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102Pair Programming Hardware

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  • Sieg_Heintze
    Jun 18 12:55 PM
      I got two mice hooked up to a single motherboard! I got two monitors
      hooked up to a single motherboard!

      I'm having trouble with with the two keyboards. I have two PS/2
      keyboards with USB adapters and I plug them into a little USB hub and
      Windows 2003 issues a little error message. Only one keyboard works.

      Do I really need to buy two new USB keyboards? Are not they the same
      as a PS/2 keyboard with an adapter?

      --- Greg Compestine <gcompestine@...>
      > To: <extremeperl@yahoogroups.com>
      > From: "Greg Compestine"
      > <gcompestine@...>
      > Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 16:58:22 -0700
      > Subject: RE: [extremeperl] Hardware for multiple
      > keyboards and mice on Windows
      > You can use USB keyboards and get a USB multiplexer
      > to hook in as many
      > as you want.
      > There are dual monitor video cards on the market
      > (Matrox makes one, the
      > Nvidea Quatro4 200 also works), but with Windows
      > you'll still only have
      > one keyboard and mouse focus on the screen.