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Exopolitics Course: May 10 - August 16:

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  • Dr Michael Salla
    Introduction to Exopolitics - SUMMER, May 10-Aug 16, 2004 In this course students will be introduced to the main evidentiary sources and perspectives that
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      Introduction to Exopolitics - SUMMER, May 10-Aug 16, 2004

      In this course students will be introduced to the main evidentiary
      sources and perspectives that relate to an extraterrestrial presence
      on Earth that has not been disclosed to the general public and most
      elected officials. This course will identify the criteria for
      determining the credibility and persuasiveness of this evidence.
      The course will focus on different perspectives on the
      extraterrestrial presence in terms of the motivation, activities and
      histories of different extraterrestrial races, and the various
      clandestine organizations that interact with these races. The
      political management of the ET presence will also be a focus of the

      The course will be offered through the internet, and will involve a
      weekly lecture, online course reading material, direct
      student/instructor interaction, and participation in a group
      discussion forum specifically created for the class.

      Why Take a Course on Exopolitics?
      Ask yourself, `would I be ready if there were tomorrow a public
      announcement of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth'? There is an
      important need to analyze the vast amount of available information
      on an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. The evidence conclusively
      points to an extraterrestrial presence that is not disclosed to the
      general public nor to most elected public officials. The many books,
      interviews, videos, lectures, etc., on the extraterrestrial presence
      point to a multifaceted phenomenon that is politically very complex
      and has profound implications for all aspects of life.
      Understanding the political implications of the extraterrestrial
      presence requires comprehensive analysis by trained scholars in
      international politics. This course will help you achieve a more
      sophisticated political understanding of the extraterrestrial
      presence. This will prepare you for the many issues that disclosure
      of the extraterrestrial presence will bring to the public and
      private sectors.

      The basic educational qualification is an undergraduate degree in
      any discipline. For those only with high school qualifications, you
      need to have experienced at least five years in the work force and
      some evidence that you can meet the basic intellectual standard for
      a graduate level course. The language of instruction is English and
      involves extensive reading and writing so those without English
      proficiency should not enroll.
      An exopolitics course can trigger deep unresolved issues that
      students need to be able to deal with, especially if these involve
      memories of extraterrestrial encounters. While the Instructor will
      be there to assist and guide students in most contingencies, the
      course's primary function is educational rather than therapeutic.

      Further information about the course and enrollment can be found
      online at:

      For further information email: courses@...
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