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UFO Contact from Andromeda

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  • Dr Michael Salla
    Aloha all, here is a fascinating chapter from the contact notes of Prof. R.N. Hernandez who was a tenured professor in nuclear physics at the University of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2005
      Aloha all, here is a fascinating chapter from the contact notes of
      Prof. R.N. Hernandez who was a tenured professor in nuclear physics
      at the University of Mexico when he became a contactee. In an
      earlier post I give more background information on his tragic case
      which you can find at:

      The following chapter extract was kindly provided by Leneesa at her
      blogsite: http://ufoexperiences.blogspot.com/

      This chapter is a vivid description of how 'friendly'
      extraterrestrials view the dangers posed by less scrupulous ETs.

      In peace

      Michael E. Salla, PhD

      Prof. R. N. Hernandez contact with Lya Xhumz
      by Wendelle Stevens
      [ch.10 Extraterrestrial Danger]

      "One time I told you," Lya said, "that your world will not find
      itself prepared socially, nor economically, nor emotionally to
      confront the changes.""Yes," I said, remembering that occasion in
      which we profoundly analyzed the personality of the human being. Lya
      had explained to me in detail the special characteristics of the
      Earth humans."Remember," she said, "that speaking of the different
      characters demonstrated by one living being, I told you of other
      civilizations. You had asked me if there were beings more aggressive
      than the Earth humans inhabiting this Universe. I mentioned that
      there was and spoke about those who have been coming on various
      occasions to your world.""Yes, I remember that you told me that
      there exist races that are dedicated to the domination of others
      without regard for the means by which they accomplish this."... I
      thought pensively about what I wanted to say. "Then Lya, I asked you
      if those races were a danger to us and you told me that later, when
      you would be more sure you would answer that.""Yes, Professor, and
      now, not only I, but my community as well are sure that these races
      are lying in wait and studying your humanity, and they represent a
      real threat to you.""In what form?""In that they scorn mercy to your
      empiricism and the rickety form of science that you possess. They
      have been coming to your world with complete freedom and have
      captured living beings, children, ancients, men, women, animals,
      fish, and they rob you of oxygen, hydrogen and even absorb electric
      fluid of the supplies flowing to your great cities. Humans who,
      unfortunately, disappear and do not return any more have been
      kidnapped by them. Clearly, not all those who are lost have been
      carried away by that race, but they have been carried out
      innumerable captures. They also take specimens in danger of
      extinction, to implant races or to extract their DNA and clone all
      of the organism for later implantation or to create new creatures,
      and also with human beings they have achieved these implants. They
      have placed in danger a number of times the peace of Earth...
      and...""Only that?" I asked somewhat relieved, thinking that the
      problem was originating in the mind of Lya."No, not only that. In
      earlier years, this race, classified in our archives as XHUMZ had
      been coming to your world where they studied the ionosphere, the
      stratosphere, the atmosphere, the grades and densities of the gasses
      existing in the air; but above all they had placed in practice
      discoveries that at times have been harmful to the planet, in an
      attempt to dominate the planet slowly and silently.""Will they come
      to attack us?" I asked."Their gift to the Earth is not peacefulness.
      Over six thousand years ago they came to the Earth for the first
      time. Their elevated stature soon made it appear that they were
      above the terrestrials, but their knowledge surprised them in such a
      manner that they submitted completely to those beings. In that time
      they violated the women and took several thousands of human beings
      for their service. Nevertheless, they had not demonstrated a power
      superior to the terrestrials, speaking of those men of your actual
      civilization, of the technical capacity that you now possess, they
      still had the material dematerializing ray and the power of the
      control of gravity. They possessed flying ships that were a marvel
      to the beings of Earth. All of the rulers listened to the words of
      those powerful beings who came from the sky. Profiting from this
      advantage, they took slaves for themselves, being treated as Gods
      for that. Today they have become even more superior and are powerful
      in notable ways. The XHUMZ lack sentiments and experience no emotion
      at all . This is because their scientific ancestors achieved, more
      than two thousand years ago, the eradication of fear in their minds,
      for the purpose of which their world would live in optimum
      individual circumstances. The XHUMZ nevertheless achieved the
      eradication of all sentiment. They deprived themselves of love, of
      friendship, of benevolence, and finally of all sentiments that could
      obstruct their power. This was programmed for the civilizations that
      would follow. In your world emotions of that type predominated. They
      observed how the hypersensibility of the individual could be used to
      develop profound hate, and how the absence of love many times
      induces not only the suicide of one person, but the annihilation of
      a whole race. They, the XHUMZ, eradicate definitely from their race
      the conscience and all respect for life. This being the case, the
      XHUMZ could be, comparatively speaking, the antithesis of your
      world. They came to Earth a long time ago, and after arriving
      proceeded to analyze all types of life here. They knew perfectly
      well the vulnerable points of man and discovered then that man had
      suffered genetic alterations. After deliberations among themselves
      they determined that if the Earth human was on the other hand
      already predestined to disappear at the mercy of his own tendencies,
      the more appropriate it would be to condition him to serve them, for
      which they proceeded to appropriate him slowly at his own voluntude.
      They succeeded, according to their own purposes, in making the Earth
      a pilot planet, or auxiliary, destined for whatever emergency that
      might arise. They would implant laws in your planet itself that the
      inhabitants could not discard. Those who resisted would be subjected
      to simple annihilation. They conditioned the Earth human to a mental
      level, slowly, without recourse to grave confrontations of violence,
      utilizing products which, in combination with the atmospheric gases
      produced mental modifications in the race. They employed chemical
      elements in the air, in the waters and in the earth itself. They
      cast derivatives of SMOUNR (a liquid that can be produced in three
      states; gas, liquid and solid, according to our studies), in the
      oceans and seas, the rivers, lakes, clouds, etc. This promoted
      degenerative regressions in human life. In your world there are
      still no scientists who could study this kind of weapon. In this
      manner, depending on the grade of mental level presented by the
      human being, they could, favored by the same violence that
      propitiates this finality, provoke confrontations between the
      continents. The different countries that proceed at the head
      scientifically will find themselves suddenly before an unusual
      violence inexplicably provoked there by they themselves, escalated
      to a level beyond which it could not be returned. Then the XHUMZ
      will attack. The humans of Earth will be too occupied in belligerent
      confrontations with their neighbors to give much attention to the
      dangers that will overcome them in space. For when the human of
      Earth detects any anomaly, it will already be too late.""Is my
      planet left no alternative?" I asked pensively."If the scientists of
      your world can unite and analyze point by point all that has been
      discovered in the laboratories, and advance from there, not only
      sharing, but amplifying their knowledge, others, other worlds, other
      galaxies; not just the XHUMZ, who are a little more than one hundred
      light years from your planet, but some far beyond your own Galaxy,
      will contemplate your world with respect. This is the epoch in which
      they are planning to come back to this Solar System. They possess
      weapons unsuspected by your people, possess a technology superior to
      yours, are more than three thousand years in advance scientifically;
      you have a world degraded, contaminated, and violent. You beings,
      the humans of the Earth are destructive, liberal, incredulous... You
      do not have sufficient knowledge... not even the primordial which
      would be the unity of the human race. For example you are scarcely
      in the beginning of the atom, but of the capacity to unite them or
      provoke the antithesis which would be the "implosion." They, the
      XHUMZ, do not possess atomic arms. To annihilate the human beings
      they will then utilize inclusively, the hydrogen that every body
      stores in its own nature. They possess advanced technologies before
      which you would be devastated. It will require the union of all your
      whole planet to repel one attack of the proportion which can be
      expected. The XHUMZ have been dominating your world since the years
      from 1914, have been proposing that you yourselves annihilate each
      other, and perhaps when your world is desolated they will come and
      colonize it. Thus they would increase even more the territory which
      they dominate."
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