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  • Edward Alf
    hi Juan et al, i would suggest that we all need gods ... and certainly other than money, power and fame ... these latter things are fleeting ... money, power
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 12, 2001
      hi Juan et al,

      i would suggest that we all need gods ... and certainly other than money,
      power and fame ... these latter things are fleeting ...

      money, power and fame are not abstract, but rather very concrete objects of
      desire ... it is the abstract that we have difficulty with ... things like
      "salvation" and "kingdom of heaven" ... they may have been understood in
      times gone past, but there is no meaning applicable to today's world ...
      our mainline religions have not kept up with change ... the scientist is not
      the culprit in all this ... he/she is only trying to reveal the process of
      thinking not what is thought ....

      you seem to have a very dark view of the world ... there is more to life
      then just sitting around and having a good time ... there is wonderment in
      the universe ... things that make sense and have a logic ... and beauty ...
      take a moment and look up Phyllotaxis on the internet ...

      at this time i dont know the words to adequately express the concept of god
      or even of the desire for god, but i know it exists and can be rewarding



      > Gentlemen:
      > I don't need a God or gods either. That is precisely
      > my point. One way or another, people do create their
      > gods: for some, it is money; for others, power; still
      > others seek fame--all of these are the worship of
      > abstractions. There needs no scientist come from the
      > laboratory to tell us this.
      > I am appalled to discover the lack of cultural
      > awareness in cyberspace. Is there a corner of this
      > universe, whether actual or virtual, where "The
      > X-Files" television program is not known? I usually
      > turn the sound off and just gaze in silent adoration
      > at "Agent Scully." If there were a God, it might well
      > resemble her.
      > The Church as an institution is an irrelevant
      > side-bar: it is concerned with power in this world and
      > has very little to do with the spiritual. Science is
      > all very well and good when it leads to the discovery
      > of anti-biotics, it is less good when it results in
      > the creation of nuclear weapons and the release of
      > carcinogens into the atmosphere. For me, Nietzsche was
      > right--"God is dead." And yet, as Nietzsche predicted,
      > He continues to haunt the Western imagination. Let us
      > dispense with the fairy tales, including the
      > scientific fairy tale. Let us embrace our fates as not
      > the kings of creation nor even the work of a king of
      > creation, but merely another species that has come to
      > be and will disappear in time, a laughable monkey
      > race, seeking to fathom the mysteries of the universe
      > and of time and of what lies beyond death, yet unable
      > to escape either of those three. We are indeed
      > comical...like Becket's two sad tramps waiting under
      > that wilted tree for God ("Godot") to show up and for
      > their lives to begin.
      > Wait no more. This is all there is folks. Laugh. Shake
      > your fist at God or the universe. Make art. Make love.
      > Be free and fully human. For as Nietzsche remarked,
      > "if there were gods, how could I not be one?"
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