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Re: [existlist] Re: On Spirituality as a Vase, Tipping as the Cat Crawls Under the Endtable

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  • Edward Alf
    Richard et al, yes, that is the open question, is there an inherent tendency towards the spiritual? ... although i have not gotten that far into the study
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2001
      Richard et al,

      yes, that is the open question, " is there an inherent tendency towards the
      spiritual?" ...

      although i have not gotten that far into the study of human psychology, i
      would suspect that there are a lot of inherent tendencies, thus the whether
      we have inherent tendencies, or as i would prefer to say "wiring", is not
      the issue ... my opinion is that within the set of already available
      inherent tendencies one of these is towards the spiritual ...

      i agree that humans seek recognition of patterns .. this is the process of
      learning ... i should think that the first pattern search of the newborn
      child is that of his/her mother's face ... but the face can have extreme
      variations ... obviously this has to be the case, since there are millions
      of babies and associated millions of mothers ... so it is not a particular
      face which is of importance, but rather the inherent tendency to seek out a
      face for which a pattern can be imprinted on the child's mind ...

      i would prefer to say that pattern recognition is more in the line of trying
      to find order out of chaos ... it is like when you first are presented with
      using a road map ... initially it is just a bunch of lines, symbols and
      place names ... once you are clued into how to read a road map, it starts to
      make some sense ... in other words, in that chaos presented on a large piece
      of folded paper, you now have the means to understand and see an underlying
      order ...

      for me, existentialism makes some sense ... thus a certain level of order
      ... it fits ... yet my perception of order is not complete ... there has to
      be something extra .. granted others may not think so .. perhaps they are
      satisfied with concept of existence (being) and creating yourself and your
      world from that platform ... for myself, im still on the quest ...

      anyway that is a bit of rambling and i should stop there and wait some more
      input ...


      p.s. im an electrical engineer and that may serve to give you a feel for
      my particular manner of thinking .... :-))

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      > << the way i see it, human beings have an inherent tendency towards the
      > spiritual
      > ... >>
      > This cannot be claimed to be true. And as you are clearly stating it as an
      > opinion, there is nothing on the other side of it...You think there is a
      > wiring, and you are looking for someone to agree to help you further your
      > point, where there is no solid ground for agreement (generally). Best you
      > will do is get a few takers and have an attic party.
      > It may be more the case that humans seek pattern and recognition, other
      > we might do more in questioning some fundamental things like why do we
      > rectangularly based buildings, why don't more of us see the meaningless,
      > fictional structure of the existence of society as a movement which is
      > a relationship of simplicity (and I heard it) following the herd. Yet the
      > shape that things have taken direct our lives, not out of our looking at
      > those things and deciding "Yes! This IS the best of all possible solutions
      > for me as an individual!" But are rather stuffed into a mold (seemingly
      > as culture) created by what is available as no one has time to re-design
      > entire structure around them (that is, weave their own manner of cloth for
      > the clothing, or, indeed, find something other than weaving...).
      > In light of that, I'd suggest said 'spirituality' is a manner of making a
      > choice to either see spirituality as a good thing, or not, and then
      > the choices within that set, and selecting. The 'hard wiring' is probably
      > more a notation on the human 'need' for making a choice, which, from a
      > perspective, is done by either choosing to be part of the society that is
      > created and established (usually the default choice), or going outside of
      > that. If you would prefer to think of 'spirituality' as the primary
      > that can work as well...I guess...but as far as being hardwired, I think
      > is inclusive of another set or three of higher level choices made (or not
      > made) by the individual which leads them to a seemingly logical path of
      > 'belief.' Which is inherently encapsulated by that choice -- or lack of.
      > In other words, life is designed around you and you are in the maze. You
      > might pick a corridor, or you might climb the walls. Should you not find
      > solace as part of the herd, you might reject it, and then, perhaps, find
      > rejection. But, to disenfranchise from the whole of the structure
      > society, however you'd like to break that down...) would leave you utterly
      > alone, unable to communicate, and outcast (or perhaps what might be
      > as 'insane').
      > I hope I didn't make any sense there...
      > Richard
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