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Re: [existlist] neurons firing?

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  • Edward Alf
    hi John, im not being dogmatic and dismissing other interpretations, but only recognizing that they are interpretations and this is done within the brain ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2001
      hi John,

      im not being dogmatic and dismissing other interpretations, but only
      recognizing that they are "interpretations" and this is done within the
      brain ... in the same sense, i dont dismiss the existence of a table, since
      if i stub my toe on it, it must be very real ... other interpretations, be
      they christianity or existentialism are all valid as long as they enable the
      believe to survive in a better fashion ... the proof is in the pudding, so
      to speak ... survival is the basis of it all ...

      i agree that science tends toward reductionism (looking to the fibres in a
      book), but this is only a manner of conducting research ... one of my
      favourite books is "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" ... it shows
      that if you disassemble a motorcycle down to the spokes and ballbearings,
      you end up with a mass of parts which together no longer make up a
      motorcycle ... in other words, the motorcycle is more than the sum of its
      parts ... it is all in the manner in which you approach something ... and
      scientists at times do look to the whole to gain an understanding ...



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      > Unfortunately, eduard, your own belief falls equal victim to the very
      > you utilize to dismiss religion, existentialism, etc, as mere
      > "the mind", "neurons", "firing", "in response": all of these scientific
      > processes enumerated in your post are very much like religion and
      > in that they are human constructs. Few will contest, in fact, that
      > was born out of philosophy, epistimology in particular. Science,
      > is a good story, a great novel; of course, in order to find any meaning in
      > that novel, science would have to dissect the pages into fiber, into
      > into electrons, into neutrinos, down to strings, and so forth. Concerning
      > scientific understanding of the mind, it proceeds through the same
      > And in the course of reducing thinking, experience, and emotions to an
      > and metaphorically based theory - an ever changing theory at that - it
      > finally rely upon that very mystery which it sought to explain.
      > It may be appropriate to critically examine one's own dogmatic
      > before dismissing so many other interpretations.
      > regards,
      > John
      > >i think that ultimately the mind is simply a bunch of neurons firing away
      > response to sensing the outside world ... religion
      > >and spirituality is our way of interpretation which helps us to survive
      > >existentialism is another interpretation .. >
      > >eduard
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