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Re: [existlist] zombie awareness

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  • Bill Harris
    Eduard, Awfully big brother, but then you admit to socialism. Bill ... From: Eduard Alf To: Sent: Monday,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29 9:43 AM
      Eduard, Awfully big brother, but then you admit to socialism. Bill
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      Sent: Monday, July 29, 2002 11:28 AM
      Subject: RE: [existlist] zombie awareness

      > Michael,
      > The way I look at it is this: ...
      > If I see someone walking along the sidewalk,
      > should I be concerned to know whether he/she is
      > aware. I a sense, I suppose that I should
      > considering that I am a part of society, and if
      > someone is not aware, then perhaps I have an
      > obligation to make him/her aware. A person who is
      > not aware, diminishes society and thus diminishes
      > me.
      > It raises the question of whether we have an
      > obligation to society ... That is the first
      > question to answer before one gets into the idea
      > of whether zombies have awareness ...
      > eduard
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      > Subject: [existlist] zombie awareness
      > Eduard wrote:
      > 'I would like to explore this definition of
      > "zombie" to see where it would lead. Would you
      > take this in the same sense as one might say that
      > a person is not "aware"?? I mean to be aware of
      > surroundings. To be aware of actions and the
      > result of actions.'
      > Eduard,
      > Yes. That is exactly the sense I take 'zombie' to
      > be. It would not truly be
      > Aware of surroundings, actions, result of actions
      > at all. However,
      > according to the definition, it would be APPEAR to
      > us AS IF it were aware of
      > all those things. This seems like a paradox to
      > me. If the 'zombie' appears
      > aware, and my experience of a supposed zombie
      > tells me that it is aware,
      > then isn't it necessarily & for all intents and
      > purposes ACTUALLY aware? I'm
      > not sure.
      > mike
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