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  • james tan
    well, i d say osama could have better spend his resources (such as money, however limited, time and intelligence) building his own country or his people than
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2002
      well, i'd say osama could have better spend his resources (such as money,
      however limited, time and intelligence) building his own country or his
      people than to be destroying others. murderous envy does not help to solve
      their own problems. although reality isnt as black and white as i presented,
      i find that the basic, underlying rationale can be that simple. it just
      become complex unnessarily. i do hear that he resented (intensely) america's
      presence in arab-muslim places and her foreign policies esp as regards to
      israel-palestinian conflicts. and for some reasons, he sees the west
      (symbolised more by america than anything else) as the very opposite of the
      islamic ideals (compare the bikini american ladies vs the muslims arabs
      women who have basically have every inches or cm sq of their skin covered up
      except those somewhat fugitive darting suspicious eyes looking out for
      licentious men looking at them), and the pain get all the more sore given
      the apparent success and prosperity of the west in contrast to the somewhat
      backward, less successful islamic countries; as u pointed out, u live in
      middle east countries (i suppose mainly muslims?) and most live far below
      the poverty line. envy & frustration sometimes can get murderous.


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      As far as Osama goes, his people (as twisted as they may be), have nothing..
      {I know Osama is wealthy, but the majority of the people are way below the
      poverty line}. It all goes back to propaganda. These people don't see how
      US helps them, all they see is US as a great power, and they see their
      children starving to death.. which is a valid point since the US wastes a
      lot. But I digress... When people have means to view outside their own
      its easy to become bitter with all the things they don't have.. That is
      exactly what they are trying to get attention from. I am from the middle
      (Iran) and they are oppressed like most places, and people are kidnapped and
      murdered by the government all the time. The students in the Universities
      protesting and being thrown in jail and beaten to death. They still protest
      to show that they need help at all costs, and to invoke a response in
      Things aren't as black and white and cut and dry as you portray them
      sometimes. Just like communism is a nice idea, but extremely impractical,
      as much as capitalism bothers me (rich getting richer) it makes a lot of
      sense and serves a purpose... I hope people will take it to another level
      work with both systems soon...

      Well, I am an undergrade and am still trying to convey my message to no
      at times.. Star

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