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Re: [existlist] God Exists?

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  • Cris Santiago
    Hi Listmates: I have had some problems with my computer, since I sneezed with a bottle of soda water in my hand, and some water fell on the computer damaging
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2001
      Hi Listmates:

      I have had some problems with my computer, since I sneezed with a bottle
      of soda water in my hand, and some water fell on the computer damaging my
      CD rom and making my monitor blank out. So I switched up my old one. So
      much for
      soda. I am drying out the new one to see if the CD Burner will also dry
      They say you should leave your computer on all the time on" Stand By",
      since the turning of and on damages it.

      Many on the lists related to Existentialism have been mentioning God and
      ethic from an Existentialist point of view so I though I would try to make
      my contribution on the
      The Hidden God is the existentialist God. The Guy who could be considered
      the first Existentialist is a Jewish Theologian, Franz Rosenzweig.

      I was wondering if he wrote anything on Theology and Existentialism.
      You also have Martin Buber and Bultmann, Heidegger's teacher.
      The continuum between Jewish and Christan thought has been very productive
      as we see with Existentialism. Unfortunately for Germany this tension is
      over, and German Universities aren't what they used to be in Philosophy.
      Theology is somewhat more complicated, like everything on earth.
      I have doing some research on these area since Theology is also a type of
      intuition, and therefore knowledge.
      My best guess is that you could construct some sort of Existentialist
      Ethic, I hope, researching Franz Rosenzweig, and maybe Gersholm Scholem??
      On the internet www.google.com, I found out thet Levinas, was very
      influenced by Rosenzweig's thought.
      On the Christian view about existentialims, I have an old book on
      Christianity and the Existentialists. Edited by Carl Michalson, a
      collection of articles for example: What is
      Existentialism? by Carl Michalson, Professor for Systematic Theology.

      I personally tend to look at things like Huxley, a type of agnosticism,
      that is I don't believed in the established theology. There is a page on
      the internet on agnostics,.
      If you are atheist, then your are somewhat mind blind. But if you believe
      that the Cosmos is the ultimate explanation, then you are not an atheist,
      because you believe in "some thing". An Atheist has no beliefs.
      The Cosmos, is a starting point for some thinkers and theologists , in a
      more simpler language tan being(jingoism?), and Cogne, the astronomer of
      John Paul II, starts like that also, in an article in Der Spiegel last week
      or so. All about religion.-
      The second point is that the things are poised or presented to us, first by
      God in the Sumerian Genesis, (Incidentally he had several tries with mud
      until he got man right)
      God takes some earth(the mother God) and make man. See Karen Armstrong.
      Feminist Theology, and Also the History of God.
      etc until philosophy reaches the non God concept of "the clearance" as
      Dreyfus writes. It becomes as another
      inexplicable dimensional force that presents thing to our mind that we
      appropriatein our mind, or consciousness..
      This force was the known God and now it could be the Hidden God. Or the
      hidden God the makes this other dimensional mode..... and maybe not.
      From the Jewish Theology up until even Newton it was believed that God was
      actively holding things in their place.
      So if you have a hidden God you must have a hidden soul that somehow gets
      to the Mind. again Maybe. Soul as spirit different from Mind or Dasein. I
      am trying to construct Existentialist views on Theology. It does not imply
      that I believe all of this.
      Now if the Cosmos doesn't care about us, or even the Hidden God, since we
      could just be some other element in the universe, fighting to conserve our
      lives in front of the Cosmic forces of radiation and volcanoes or the human
      manimals instincts( a conservative point of view) or we manage since we
      have brain and mind, that can deal we this situation better than other
      animals, creating civilization, and humanity.
      But this doesn't mean that the Divine Being that we create, or feel through
      some intuition, like a dog who sense an earthquake comming has any special
      regard or need for us.
      Job, Hob, an old Summerian piece of Theology and maybe also Egyptian?
      Some how though God(the angry old man), lets him recover, because the laws
      of probability are on his side. Just how many misfortunes with out some
      fortune? Fortuna as the Roman say.
      So we need a Messenger??. Moses, Jesus, Mithras (mangod), Osiris etc.
      The Roman civilization created our messenger, Paul being a very universal
      person. A very indirect hidden God, formed this man, in the guise of Roman
      Civilization and Culture, producing the Jesus as we received him now 2001.
      See Elaine Paigels and Gnostic Paul, or Saint Saul.
      But now we have lost contact with the message and the messenger.. Foucault
      Pendulum, Eco. And again we are empty, we stare in the void, and hope for
      an answer.
      Of course maybe the messengers were suffering some form of epilepsy or
      unbalanced geniuses.
      Jesus when out to talk to the people, and Mary and his brothers ran out
      looking for him, since they knew he was somewhat eccentric.
      So belief, Faith. and not Justice following the law, is required, like St.
      Paul, but unlike Jesus and James who were in the Jewish Tradition of Moses
      I remember in Algiers, A tailor couldn't understand why the Jews hadn't
      recognized Mahomma since he had a birthmark on the back of his neck...
      Belief and Faith
      God spoke Hebrew, or Arab. If he spoke it was Summerian similar to Turkish
      non Semitic.
      Later on the Akkadian Babylonian and Egyptian Coptic, came into the scene
      very similar languages, Semitic as Arabic and Hebrew are also and
      developped a couple of 1000 years later than Summerian.

      Since we lost the message we create the new man, , I think Sartre, and the
      messenger is the existentialist that can stare into the void long enough
      until he gets the message.
      If God doesn't care about us, or if we are part of a cosmos, then there is
      no evil or good, but survival, through the community. Communitarianism?
      (Not Skinner community for sure like in Walden Two)
      God doesn't have to be dead, we have to figure why he would care.

      And Heaven, that what comes after death (translated from Hebrew), doesn't
      imply anything. The soul is intuited and hidden, (maybe), but what happen
      It is hic and nunc, here and now, we have to live, for the love of
      Or the hatred.
      Passion and play as form of knowledge, Drama, as in Nietsche's Ditirambic
      pre Socrates, Greek past.
      And it is here and now if we are rewarded or punished.
      That is why is was important to punish Eichmann.
      I read a book on a Quantum Theory of the Soul.
      The soul is feminine, as was the pigeon symbol of the Holy Ghost, the Moon
      is knowledge of the passive somber and reflected type. The Holy Spirit is
      the mother goddess, yet some point he is a man the helps Mary incarnate
      the Godman.
      The soul is from the Mother Goddess...
      Jesus had no idea of this only after dead... St Paul, the real genius
      created the Christ theology.
      I read about neo pagan cults of nature, this time with out Human
      The elves and dwarfs today are our Martians and aliens beings with their
      Agnostics tend to love mystics and mysteries, because they miss the
      intuition of religion?
      My thoughts on God, Existentialist God and Soul, and Alienation-Reification
      und Vergegenstandlichung), from God and nature and other humans. Adam being
      the first to feel this. Umbert Eco.

      Maybe..... If you had a certainty (A SCIENTIFIC ONE) you would be God.
      God doesn't exist, Man exists, God would be if it is, more and inclusive
      man's existence.
      God is not the Nothing, nor the Being, Nor the Cosmos,it is out of our
      logic. Another dimension? Or dimensions?Or Modes.?
      Yet it flows apparently into everyday life (Rosenzweig?)

      I read Some essays from Dreyfuss and other Auhors about existentialism, and
      they don't use the technique of Jingoism. Like Heidegger does.;>))
      Look at www.google.com
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