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  • Taco ?
    Hi, ... Do you differentiate between a principle of conditioned reflex Unconscious and the actual factor of conditioned reflex unconcious ? Do you believe
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 1999

      >I have
      >used this principle in attacking the notion of the "conditioned >reflex"
      >the "unconscious" mind as excuses to absolve oneself of moral
      > >responsibility

      Do you differentiate between a principle of "conditioned
      reflex\Unconscious" and the actual factor of "conditioned
      reflex\unconcious"? Do you believe that the unconscious does not exist, or
      do you believe that one just shouldn't use it as an excuse for one's

      >So taking responsibility is acknowledging that the consequences of my
      > >actions and inactions are caused by my conscious choices, and not by
      > >genes, God, my upbringing, or my latest medication. Does this make >more

      Yes, it makes more sense. I agree, for the most part....but (always but),
      it is also important to recognize genes, upbringing, "godness" as forces
      that have influences over behavior so that we would be able to contend with
      them, and, perhaps, even overcome them. It wouldn't be good to cover our
      eyes to these things in the name of responsibility".

      Great bananna metaphor, btw.
      I've got to go to a class.

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