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Re: marketing beans

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  • elbookdoc
    Saw the film. Liked it.
    Message 1 of 37 , Jul 1, 2002
      <<Have you seen the film? Do you operate in altered states, IE,
      meditation, auto hypnosis, relaxation therapy, hypnosis, yoga ? >>

      Saw the film. Liked it. Wonder if it is possible to convince anyone
      that illusions are that...and how on earth would I know if I had
      them. To me it is just thinking at a problem.

      I have always been a bit fearful of hallucination, that is, until I
      became aware that I couldn't avoid it. Sort of a paradigm shift in
      perception of perception. One altering psychological experience was
      something I did while in college -- bored to tears. Completely sobre,
      mind you, I tried to imagine that my feet, which were on the floor,
      were actually on the wall. It required quite a leap in consciously
      altering feeling. Needless to say, the moment I was successful, I
      became a little (completely) disoriented, and nearly fell from my
      chair. I had been practicing deep relaxation, which is really the
      same as any one of the things above. It convinced me that I could
      consciously hallucinate. I've always been one to avoid
      hallucinogenics, and an earlier experience where I believe someone
      laced a brownie, has always made me steer clear. Who needs drugs when
      you can do it on command? I got very good at mind control (and
      haven't been practicing) at one point was actually hypnotizing (deep
      relaxing with simple suggestion) people to help them with stress,
      etc. Got into a discussion with a girl who suggested there would be
      no way I could control myself around her, and ended up proving it
      (not by eliminating pleasure, mind you, but controlling it). She gave
      up. Moments later she was surprised again. There is one other level
      of control I have never been able to attain, and noting a psych study
      where patients given a pleasure button did nothing much but press it
      all day, it is probably just as well.

      SO, I am convinced there are several levels to control, and that
      those who hallucinate are just not practicing enough (not denying
      propensity toward chemical limitation there). And sure, I believe in
      consciousness and 'reality' and fried beans and stuff, but I couldn't
      tell you if I am really experiencing them or if they happen to happen
      while I am not practicing. Studies of language and communication
      pressed the issue (my masters theseis was something to the effect of
      The Art of Failure, in which two artists discussed the theory of
      failure while walking drunkenly down the road in Paris). The idea is
      essentially that failure to communicate is a given: if it succeeds
      utterly, it is no longer words or art...it becomes something else --
      and other than what you intended or thought you could produce:
      essentially success is failure.

      All this is a grand game of words if you are le Duard.

      I dig psychology. I think I didn't become a psychologist because I
      wasn't demented enough.

      Speaking of professions, did you know TM was first used as a means of
      relaxing in the dentist's chair by a fellow with very bad teeth
      before the days of anesthesia (the patient opted not to be struck on
      the head repeated until unconscious as was the custom)?

    • louise
      Sois sage, o ma Douleur, et tiens-toi plus tranquille. Tu reclamais le Soir; il descend; le voici: Une atmosphere obscure enveloppe la ville, Aux uns portant
      Message 37 of 37 , Jun 3, 2004
        Sois sage, o ma Douleur, et tiens-toi plus tranquille.
        Tu reclamais le Soir; il descend; le voici:
        Une atmosphere obscure enveloppe la ville,
        Aux uns portant la paix, aux autres le souci.

        Pendant que des mortels la multitude vile,
        Sous le fouet du Plaisir, ce bourreau sans merci,
        Va cueillir des remords dans la fete servile,
        Ma Douleur, donne-moi la main; viens par ici,

        Loin d'eux. Vois se pencher les defuntes Annees,
        Sur les balcons du ciel, en robes surannees;
        Surgir du fond des eaux le Regret souriant;

        Le Soleil moribond s'endormir sous une arche,
        Et, comme un long linceul trainant a l'Orient,
        Entends, ma chere, entends la douce Nuit qui marche.

        Charles Baudelaire, 'Recueillement', published for the first time in
        1861, in the Revue europeenne, a few months after the second edition
        of Fleurs du Mal, in which collection the poem now appears (Editions
        Garnier Freres, Paris 1961 - introduction and notes by Antoine Adam).
        "Le 6 mai il ecrivait a sa mere: <<Je suis seul, sans amis, sans
        maitresse, sans chien et sans chat, a qui me plaindre>> ...
        'Recueillement' est d'abord le cri de douleur du solitaire."

        the faith i have is in subjectivity as presented by Climacus; it is
        that - the faith/subjectivity which i await as informing a future
        myself of the philosophical relevance of these beautiful lines.

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