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a new newsletter for phenomenologists

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  • cristiciocan
    Dear Colleague, I am writing about a new newsletter for phenomenologists. This e-mail is going to potential content providers as well as potential subscribers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24 3:09 PM
      Dear Colleague,

      I am writing about a new newsletter for phenomenologists. This e-mail
      is going to potential content providers as well as potential
      subscribers because both may benefit by understanding the situation
      of the other. If you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail once a
      week with a list of brief headlines that will serve as links to more
      information. In this way you can keep up with the field at a glance
      while choosing which news items to read in full.

      To show how an issue of the newsletter will look, we have prepared
      the sample that is included below.

      We estimate that the potential audience for this newsletter is fairly
      large. We have a list of now eighty one (81) phenomenological
      organizations. If each of these has a non-overlapping set of merely
      25 people connected with it, that is already 2,000 colleagues. And
      students, who are the future, are often not formally in organizations.

      We will restrict the news that is conveyed to six categories: (1)
      calls for papers for conferences, (2) programs of coming conferences,
      (3) tables of contents of journals carrying phenomenological
      articles, (4) announcements of new books, (5) visiting professor
      appointments and other honors received, and (6) other major events.
      (It is possible that we also list job opportunities in the future.)
      We hope that this will help keep interested colleagues informed about
      the many things that are happening in our tradition, but in a way
      that does not alienate them with large quantities of unwanted

      As for what we consider phenomenology is, perhaps it can be
      sufficiently well characterized with the following alphabetical and
      international list of representative and influential figures: Hannah
      Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Ludwig Binswanger, Jacques Derrida, Eugen
      Fink, Franz Fanon, Hans Georg Gadamer, Aron Gurwitsch, Martin
      Heidegger, Edmund Husserl, Emmanuel Levinas, Gabriel Marcel, Maurice
      Merleau-Ponty, NISHIDA Kitaro, Ortega y Gasset, Jan Patocka, Paul
      Ricoeur, Jean-Paul Sartre, Max Scheler, Alfred Schutz, Edith Stein,
      and Tran Duc Thao. This tradition is beginning its second century and
      involves a great deal of activity today.

      News items, incidentally, would be accepted in English, French, or
      German for the headlines but can be in any language or combination of
      languages in the materials one finds by clicking on the headline

      At this point, the news in this newsletter will be almost entirely
      about phenomenology in philosophy, but we hope eventually to include
      as well news from the various non-philosophical disciplines, such as
      psychiatry, that have phenomenological tendencies within them.

      The service will be free to subscribers and also free to content
      providers, i.e., phenomenological organizations and professional
      journals, except for the publishers of books. Book publishers will be
      charged 20 Euros or 20 USD at current exchange rates in order to have
      each published book advertised four times over eight weeks. (Journals
      should be interested analogously where single copy sales as well as
      potential subscriptions are concerned, but will not be charged.)

      This approach should bring books to the attention of those colleagues
      most likely to buy them or to urge their library to do so. We believe
      that ca. 100 books in phenomenology, i.e., about two a week, are
      published across the planet each year. We estimate that there will
      then be sufficient income to support the labor to moderating the
      newsletter and the computer work.

      To get things started, we ask providers to send us information of the
      above listed sorts going back to the beginning of the present year
      and thereafter as it arises. Advertisements for books from the
      beginning of this year through June 30th will be accepted without
      charge. If you have a website that contains content you want in the
      newletter, then links to relevant places on your site for each dated
      headline will be sufficient. If you do not have a website, you can
      scan and e-mail content to us.

      To submit content, please e-mail it to
      (And please remember that we need a one or two-line headline that
      will link to more detailed information.)

      Let us also ask content providers, e.g., societies, institutes,
      journals, book publishers, if they would wish to be reminded to send
      content each month.

      To become a subscriber to this free service, please e-mail

      We expect to start sending you emails within two weeks of receiving
      your email address.

      Finally, please forward this message to everybody you know who might
      be interested in such a newsletter but might not be on our lists,
      e.g., students (and please excuse it if you receive several copies
      because you are on more than one of our lists).



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