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RE: [existlist] My Paper and the critiques

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  • Eduard Alf
    Elizabeth, My comments may have given the impression of painting everyone [children] with the same brush. I should think that children outside of the inner
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 19, 2002
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      My comments may have given the impression of
      painting everyone [children] with the same brush.
      I should think that children outside of the inner
      city can still make dandelion chains. But those
      of the inner city are faced with fields of
      concrete. The point is that there has to be a
      period of innocence during which the ego can


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      From: Elizabeth Jesse
      Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 9:31 AM
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      Subject: [existlist] My Paper and the critiques

      Thank-you Eduard (I won't ask if last night went
      as you had hoped) and the rest of you who offered
      your ideas about my paper :).

      Well, perhaps the paper needs more work before I
      try to submit it for publication :), but I hope my
      professor likes it well enough that I maintain my
      4.0 in my theories class. BTW, a few weeks ago I
      did not have a clue about existentialism. I have
      only been a Masters in Counseling student for 17
      weeks (and a theories student for 6 weeks). My BA
      from MSU was in social work. In addition, I have
      been a licensed barber for 15 years. In light of
      that, would you say I am learning?

      I agree with you on a lot of this. I used to make
      those dandelion necklaces and catch fireflies
      myself, and it was so much more meaningful than
      the X-Box (new game concept by Microsoft). In
      fact, I caught fireflies with "Matt" when he was
      younger. I know that we have enabled him and that
      we need to let go. As a mother, it is so
      difficult to override that protective maternal
      instinct. When do you stop grabbing their
      precious hands so they do not run into the street
      and get run over by a truck?

      I want to ad, I did quite a lot of reading
      (research) on existentialism and logotherapy
      before I wrote my paper, considering the short
      time allowance (one critic mentioned that this
      paper was more from the heart and not really a
      research paper) and I used the story of my son,
      "Matt," because I thought it made some of the
      concepts of existentialism more understandable for
      the laymen. It has been argued, even by
      existentialists, that the terms they use can be
      rather vague and obscure and that we need more
      writers who can make the ideas understandable to
      the world (see the Difficulties section of Dr. C.
      George Boeree's paper at
      I also wanted to show my prof. that I could apply
      the theory to a real human being.

      Oh, and someone mentioned that some of the people
      on this list might give me a hard time about my
      reference to God. I will not argue my faith. I
      love the Lord with all my heart and nothing anyone
      says can change that. I won't shove my beliefs
      down your throats, however.

      Thanks again for the insights.

      :)'s Elizabeth
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