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Experience and truth

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  • Jack Darach
    From: Mandy Bright All this talk about perceptions and reality is sounding very much like post modernism. Isn t it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2000
      From: "Mandy Bright" <abright@...>

      " All this talk about perceptions and reality is sounding very much
      like post modernism. Isn't it fascinating that different people can
      in the same place at the same
      time and supposedly experience the same thing, but perceive it
      differently. Therefore, to the extent that we allow each individuals
      perception to be valid, there are
      multiple truths. I like that idea."

      Hey Mandy,

      A thought on shared experince and then on to truths.

      I don't think two people sitting in a room both watching, for
      a picture of the sea could ever experience the same thing. There is
      possibility that their brain activities could be matched. They could,
      possibly have the same physical state. But I don't think this would
      neccessairlly equate to the same experience.
      If we asked them, what did you think & feel looking at the picture &
      they both replied,
      'Oh, I liked it'
      But then each went on to describe how there liking of the picture was
      based on a different thing, one liked the seagulls swoop, the other
      liked the texture of the sea...They had a different perception,
      could they have had the same experence? Perhaps they did, but then
      could we _know that they did? Looking in their brains won't
      help...Can't find consciousness anywhere...Blimey, I suppose we
      could listen to what they say about their experiences and compare the
      two accounts. But does that tell us anything? Tells us how they
      describe their experience, doesn't tell us about
      the experince itself.


      > However, is one person's truth more valid than another's? If not,
      why do we judge some people's belief systems to be delusional and
      discount them?

      If you could tell me more about how a truth would be valid I'd
      say something about the first question.

      I'll assume that one persons truth is no more valid than any others.
      Truth is completely subjective, not existing as some unknowable
      possibility, it relies on our knowable experience of the world and
      conclusions we draw form that experience.
      My truths aren't any more valid than anothers, but then why do I say,
      when turhs collide, that my truth is better than some other truth?

      Knowing that we all create our own truths there is still no reason to
      accept or tolerate other peoples truths.
      Their truth could be damaging me or to people and things I hold dear.

      Humanity is sometimes rational, mostly irrational, someone comes up
      with a different truth. Well, they are obviously wrong, pah! Talking
      load of crap...etc etc.

      Why should I accept someone elses truth?

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