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Re: [existlist] More (modified) Truth, Reason & Stuff

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  • patty duke
    Hello. Jack, this is in reply to you. I thought about your distinctions in the phrases and I think putting in your truths can also be true (I can t deny it,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 14, 2000
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      Jack, this is in reply to you.
      I thought about your distinctions in the phrases and I
      think putting in 'your' truths can also be true (I
      can't deny it, no pun intended). It wasn't written
      with any intentions pointing to 'A TRUTH'.
      I believe that to be true.
      Beliefs can be SO ambiguous, as can be our many
      truths...man, it can go so far as to drive you crazy.
      Maybe that's what karma might be like--to reach such a
      concordance of all your truths, a sort of pure
      What you say CAN be true, about having all our truths
      interrelated..., but sometimes they just don't fit in.
      I know what you mean, and it makes sense, 'cause it's
      IN the world of 'sense'; but I still think all the
      twists and turns we make in the way we feel and in the
      way we do things, just to make them fit in with
      everything, without brushing up too much, they're just
      in response to our own paradoxes and contradictions.

      I know we should act in accordance with what we know
      to be believe, and know to be true, but, for example,
      I know what I believe, but sometimes I also know that
      I do things that contradict that belief, just because
      they're in response to something else I know to be
      true. Like when I like someone, like I f*e*el
      attracted to them, I know I want to talk to them and
      tend to move towards that. But at the same time I
      k*n*o*w I don't want to do that, because I don't
      think it's the right thing for me, because I really
      don't need it, for example. I've been in the
      situation, which doesn't necessarily mean that anyone
      else would have to go through something even similar
      for it to be a truth--in the sense of the word I
      believe we've already come to (not 'A TRUTH').
      Either way, I believe we should all try to move
      towards making our own lives and selves in accord with
      what we know to be our most pure truths, especially in
      the moral sense, although it can get rather sticky

      Truth should not depend on perception--it should be
      THAT which is, regardless of perception. Perception
      can sometimes be guided by things like our wants and
      needs, fears and defenses...things we have to deal
      with all the time, and definately when we're
      evaluating our beliefs, because sometimes they might
      be really interfering with what we know to be true.

      Does this sound coherent, understandable, complete...?
      Man, I'm tired...eh, heh...(heavey breathing).


      --- Jack Darach <jack.darach@...> wrote:
      > Hi Stephanie & all,
      > "Reason is the ability to modify your beliefs in
      > accordance with
      > truth"
      > I'd change it to,
      > "Reason is the ability to modify your beliefs in
      > accordance with your
      > truth"
      > For my mind that clears up the ambiguous feeling I
      > had when I read
      > it,
      > that it might be pointing to 'a' truth, an objective
      > truth.
      > Apart from that I wondered whether it was through
      > reason alone that
      > we
      > modified our beliefs.
      > I have feelings that make me change my beliefs and
      > truths.
      > And sometimes I don't reason out these feelings.
      > So perhaps another ammendment,
      > "Reason is an ability to modify your beliefs in
      > accordance with your
      > truth(s)"
      > Threw in the (s)...I have a feeling (hasn't been
      > reasoned out though)
      > that truths don't work in isolation, rather as part
      > of a interelated
      > web. You tweak one truth, other truths will resonate
      > back, the web
      > changes. A change in one truth will effect other
      > truths...
      > Does that make sense to anyone?
      > Anyone give an example of this?
      > Do we need to think about our truthS when we modify
      > our beliefs?
      > And on another note,
      > "Truth is that which is regardless of perception."
      > Could someone explain this to me.
      > Ta!
      > Jack

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