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Re: [existlist] More flat earth?

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  • patty duke
    Hi people. Truth lies in action... I don t think this is an off statement, but there are different facets of what truth may be. It can be idea or action,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2000
      Hi people.
      "Truth lies in action..." I don't think this is an off
      statement, but there are different facets of what
      truth may be. It can be idea or action, fact or
      contradiction. I think that poor old McDuff may have
      doubted what he had once held as truth, in the end
      what he led was a life of SEARCHING for a truth he
      never found; instead, the truth of his own experience
      is probably what he held in the face of himself. In
      that sense, I believe that action can lead us to what
      will come to be truth for us (whether it be subjective
      or objective), and that without action of some sort
      (even if it is belief) we cannot admit a certain truth
      to ourselves. After all, truth's most relevant form of
      being is for the self--to whom is truth if it's not to

      --- Jack Darach <jack.darach@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > Thanks for the response, its given me quite a lot
      > to consider.
      > I don't like standard definitions of Truth and
      > Knowledge.
      > I would recommend Gettiers counter examples to
      > the normal definition of knowledge as justified true
      > belief.
      > From my reading of Gettier I also disliked
      > definitions
      > of truth that relied on facts and justification.
      > So in my Pirate story I was trying to point
      > truth in a different direction.
      > I think I was misundstood. Or, what is more likely,
      > I think I didn't suceed in expressing what I meant.
      > Here is an attempt to clarify my previous mail.
      > Which is I think advocating a subjectivism
      > of a sort. (Although at the time I wrote it I didn't
      > know it!)One based on the individuals actions.
      > So,
      > McDuff could not sail off the world even though
      > he decided he was going to.
      > He could not act upon his choice. There was a
      > contradiction between the way he was told the
      > world was and the way it actually was.
      > He could find no edge, although he sailed round the
      > world many times.
      > Because he could not act upon his belief his
      > belief could not, for him, be held to be true.
      > Truth lies in action...
      > Now I'm stumped, can anyone continue my thoughts?
      > Does anyone think I'm going down the wrong track?
      > I hope my thoughts are a little more clear this
      > time.
      > If not, well.. the more nonsense I speak the more
      > I know what nonsense is, the less i'll speak in the
      > future...
      > Yours sincerly
      > Jack

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