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  • Eduard Alf
    Elaine, Well said. You are absolutely right. You might also add that the children of the haves are perceived by society, because they tend to be taller
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      Well said. You are absolutely right. You might
      also add that the children of the "haves" are
      perceived by society, because they tend to be
      taller [better food will do that] as somehow being
      more capable and thus more suitable to be selected
      for a higher level position.

      However, even given these factors, merit does have
      its rewards. Sure the poor have to work harder,
      but many do succeed and therefore one cannot say
      that opportunity for everyone is a myth. We don't
      live in a feudal society where your position in
      life is determined from birth. My father was a
      machinist and although we were not starving, we
      were certainly not even middle class. I paid my
      own way through university.

      I guess I am reacting to the simplistic premise,
      in the original post, that the world is divided
      between the haves and have-nots, and that this is
      somehow reflected by some manipulative strategy by
      McDonalds. The fact is that the manufacturing
      component of North American economy has been in a
      significant decline, and emphasis is upon the
      service industry. For all that might be said
      against McDonalds and the rest of the fast-meat
      industry, it does provide a way to strive towards
      becoming a "have". I grant that it would be nice
      to everyone into the "haves", but there is also a
      certain reality. Much of this is already being
      done through welfare programs and universal
      Medicare. I just don't think that everything is
      as dark as some would paint it.


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      From: elaine greenwood-hyde
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: Mc nuggets

      You appear to believe that we all live in
      a meritocracy where we
      all have the same starting point. I'm afraid that
      the children of the
      'haves' have an advantage over the children of the
      'have nots' from before
      birth and beyond. A poor diet and inadequate
      medical care + working in
      potentialy dangerous industries harms child
      development. Low birth weight
      babies go on to have significantly more health
      problems as adults than those
      who were an average weight.
      Later there can be problems again with poor diet
      due to poverty. Being
      unable to explore the environment because of
      unsafe housing, having to be
      restrained to prevent injury, they all prevent
      'normal' development.
      Further on when at school a child's parents may be
      unable to afford the
      extras that give a child an advantage such as a
      computer at home,
      stimulating trips out etc.The 'haves' can buy in
      extra tuition, extra
      curricula activities etc and also buy private
      education with smaller
      Yes I accept that of course poorer people can
      achieve great things but they
      have to work a hell of a lot harder and many fall
      by the way side. A 'haves'
      child will be given extra support when there is a
      problem, many will not
      have to work 3 jobs to get through college so they
      can spend more time
      studying. Not to mention that many children from
      poorer families have to
      contend with bad neighbourhoods and can easily get
      drawn into crime, much
      more easily than a priviledged child could who
      does not see the criminal
      activity on a daily basis.
      There's also the problem of lowered expectations
      due to the child's
      environment growing up.
      We do not and never have lived in a meritocracy,
      equality of opportunity is
      a myth.

      Regards, Elaine
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