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In search of the unknown

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    Albert Einstein once said..... Imaginination is more important than knowledge What I think we meant was not to dis-service reason or facts, but that we tend
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2002
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      Albert Einstein once said.....

      "Imaginination is more important than knowledge"

      What I think we meant was not to dis-service reason or facts, but
      that we tend to get caught up in viewing information in right angles,
      in sequences, in polarities.

      The universe has gotten so complex for us that logical avenues
      towards philosophical truths are starting to overwhelm us with
      possibilites. Nihilism and adsurdism is the flavour of the day since
      to follow even a single thread of thought to conclusion passes
      innumerable forks in road to oblivion. For one mind to logically
      cross this enormous maze, is a task that has gone beyond the ability
      of a single mind to navigate. Life exists beyond existentialism what
      that may be... who knows? How can a be so sure. I use history as my
      compass... things change and evolve. I hardly think we've reached the
      pinacle of thought.

      Their are alternatives avenues to pursuing thoughts beyond the scope
      of our current dilemma though.

      Forget about reason for a tad.... play music with your mind. Bring in
      derrada's senseless words and push a few more of those piano keys and
      see what happens. More often than not something tasteless... but once
      in awhile.... vision.... clarity.... pure magic.

      For those that doubt me, please feel free I doubt myself.... I leave
      with one last quote from GOM Albert.

      "If we knew what we were doing we wouldn't call it research would we?"

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