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Re: [existlist] Prooving thoughts (?)

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  • George Walton
    Yulian, Hey, you are, of course, free to come in here and claim anything you wish. One visit to an insane asylum, for example, will confirm points of view far
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2002

      Hey, you are, of course, free to come in here and
      claim anything you wish. One visit to an insane
      asylum, for example, will confirm points of view far
      more incredulous than yours. And I'm sure all their
      friends will back them up on them too.

      My point, however, is that THIS is a philosophy venue,
      that philosophy uses reason to express a point of view
      and that reason is predicated for the most part on
      certain logical and epistemological rules...constructs
      that are concerned far less with what you claim to
      know and far more on your capacity to demonstrate
      rationally, empiraclly, materially, existentially etc
      that your knowledge is embedded in a firm foundation.
      I could say, for instance, that, "Barry Goldwater was
      a lesbian because more people bought gas from Exxon
      than Texaco on Mondays in Nova Scotia." We can SAY
      anything, eh?

      Well, so much more to the point, I'll tell you why
      most folks do NOT want explanations [especially their
      own] to be backed up by solid evidence. Because then
      they get to believe any preposterous thing they
      please!! There are Christians, for example, who
      WORSHIP and ADORE a God they claim is Loving and Just
      and Merciful despite the fact that this supposedly
      omniscient and omnipotent Creator did absolutely
      nothing at all while, according to the World Health
      Organization, 684 MILLION children aged 5 and younger
      died in agony from starvation in the 20th century
      alone. In fact, here's the closest they come
      to...uh...explaning it: The Big Dude works in
      mysterious ways! I'll say he does, eh?

      When you start talking about the ways of sub-atomic
      particles, I'll cut you a hell of a lot more slack,
      sure. With great big particles like you and me,
      however, I'm going to have to be a tad less obliging,

      Now, try it one more time.


      --- "Yulian K. Gaard" <ccc61261@...>
      > Dear "Biggie",
      > I am sorry to see that you feel a need for "solid
      > proof", and I'm afraid I dont feel a need to provide
      > any. The only proof that I am willing to give is
      > that it works if you do it while you really believe.
      > One of my favorite quotes is;
      > "Never explain, your friends dont need it and your
      > foes wont believe it anyway."
      > Now; I have a little thought for you. Why is it that
      > society want proof in the form of empiric
      > investegations or through molecules or other tiny
      > bits put together ? Quantium physics have already
      > shown you over those ways that everything is
      > connected like that, there is the string theory,
      > they have already prooven that all is energy. Yet
      > still, somehow, every hollistic thought, made to
      > practical usage is dismissed by society. Makes me
      > wonder sometimes. Well, as you seem to be interested
      > in proofs, I can only encourage you to figure that
      > out and explain it to me, because I dont know.
      > Blessings
      > Yulian
      > Respectfully submitted.
      > " Magic is a way of life. "

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