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Re: [existlist] Imbalances in your life

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  • George Walton
    Yulian, Let me explain to you how, optimally, philosophy should work: rationally. This is not to say that Reason should be put up on some sort of ideological
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2002

      Let me explain to you how, optimally, philosophy
      should work: rationally.

      This is not to say that Reason should be put up on
      some sort of ideological pedestal and whorshipped as
      the hapless idealists do, but...but it is the most
      effective tool by far in the philosopher's arsenal.

      Now, below you said a lot of presumptuous things about
      chakra's and balance. By that I mean you use a whole
      bunch of abstract words to try to convince others that
      a whole bunch of other abstract words are true. In a
      philosophy venue, however, it's not what you BELIEVE
      that counts...it's how you go about DEMONSTRATING
      reasonably, empirically, anthropologically,
      biologically, existentially etc that what you believe
      is grounded more or less objectively in the material
      world around us.

      So, by all means, please try again, okay?


      --- "Yulian K. Gaard" <ccc61261@...>
      > Dear All,
      > This is concerning a specific possible imbalance of
      > your life, in this case it is one located in your
      > Third Chakra. I have chosen this chakra soleley
      > because it's easy to show a connection between the
      > mystics philosophies of correction and
      > existentialisim - something which I belive that some
      > others have had problems with with some other posts
      > I've made.
      > Anyway, The basics of the Chakra Teachings is to
      > find yourself and your own inner ballance. It is
      > based on the notition that everything happening
      > outside is based on how you are inside. Get your
      > inside in order and you will be able to live a more
      > popper life - This piece will be a "cut" and only
      > describing a specific imbalance, one which you can
      > consider if you have or not and if you wish to fix
      > it or not ect.
      > Just to stress out the connection with
      > existentialism; The basics of these mystical
      > teachings is to find YOUR true inner ballance - to
      > find who you are and create life with a basic of who
      > and what you are. This also is a key
      > Existentialistic teaching; everything not based with
      > reason on yourself, is "false". While you might be a
      > great Soccer player, it is just a waste of time
      > untill it comes from your inner being, making
      > purpose in your life - your true purpose.
      > Now for the piece of info ...
      > "This is the "adrenaline junkie" approach to life.
      > When not integrated [in regards to the third
      > Chakra], the need to prove yourself is so strong
      > that petty power conflicts constantly arise to test
      > you. The conflicts activate the flow of adrenaline
      > and this gives a surge of energy, "a rush." It is
      > quite easy to become an adrenaline addict and thrive
      > on this energy. It is energy all right, but when
      > not balanced, it is not in harmony with the
      > surrounding world and conflict results.
      > This type of imbalance is particularly hard to break
      > free from, because the adrenaline junkie continually
      > gets into situations of "justifiable anger." The
      > attitude of "I have a right to be mad, look what
      > just happened to me!" is its common territory. In
      > this state, you will continually attract situations
      > that justify - in your mind - the response of
      > anger."
      > On a further note, the same problem tends to arise
      > with a state of being in Pride - it hurts one pride
      > when this or that happens, so you go into that state
      > of "justifiable anger". This situation is
      > particularly hard to break free from, and even to
      > realise yourself - because after all, it is a
      > conflict with yourself and your own pride that needs
      > to be taken up.
      > Hope that this made sence though it was taken out of
      > the rest of the materials. May the divine within you
      > guide your path.
      > Blessings
      > Yulian
      > Respectfully submitted.
      > " Magic is a way of life. "

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